2013 October 1, Brussels: AutoNet2030 project presentation at the VRA concertation meeting

2014 May 7, Antwerp: AutoNet2030 project presentation at the VRA concertation meeting

2014 December 7, Paderborn: AutoNet2030 project presentation at the VNC-2014 conference

2015 March 27, Helmond: presentation of AutoNet2030 project in relation to ETSI ITS standardisation at the 7th annual ETSI ITS Workshop

2015 April 14, Sophia Antipolis: “Cooperative ITS facilities for automated driving” presentation at the ETSI ITS WG1 standardization meeting

2015 June 16, Brussels: AutoNet2030 project presentation at the ERTICO ITS Conference

2015 June 28- July 1: “Greedy Algorithms for Information Dissemination within Groups of Autonomous Vehicles” poster presentation at the 2015 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)

2015 July 15: “Decentralized model predictive control for smooth coordination of automated vehicles at intersection” presentation at the ECC’15 conference

2015 September 16, Brussels: AutoNet2030 project progress presentation at the Safe and Integrated Mobility Program Board meeting of EuCar

2015 October 5-9, Bordeaux: “Autonomous driving at intersections: combining theoretical analysis and practical consideration” presentation at the 2015 ITS World Congress / Integrated Session 11 – Bringing automation to markets

2016 April 20, Athens, Greece: “AutoNet2030: Towards the improvement of V2X standards for automated driving”, project presentation at the AdaptIVe Technical Workshop

2016 May 23-27, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: “Vehicular Communication
Performance in Convoys of Automated Vehicles” presentation of an AutoNet2030
related paper at the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

2016 June 21, Coimbra, Portugal: “Vehicle-2-X Communication to Enable Autonomous Driving Systems” poster presentation at the 2016 Smart Vehicle Workshop