This page lists external organizations and projects, with which AutoNet2030 has an active working relationship.


ETSI ITS committee: AutoNet2030 is taking the present ETSI ITS standards as baseline for its V2X communications system, and is actively contributing to the extension of these standards with specific messages for automated driving use cases.

VRA project: The VRA project facilitates effective information exchange within the research community for automated driving technology development. AutoNet2030 delegates take active pat in this VRA-mediated information exchange.

AdaptIVe project: the AdaptIVe project works on complementing use cases with respect to ours, our aim is to have common demonstration vehicles used in both projects.

iGame project: we aim is to use common V2X message specifications with the iGame project, and to cooperate on the drive testing development.

Companion project: the Companion project works on complementing use cases with respect to ours, addressing the coordination and supervision of platoons.

NDS digital map standard: several AutoNet2030 partners are members of the NDS association. AutoNet2030 shall demonstrate building Local Dynamic Maps over input data originating in NDS format, and thereby using such maps as background data for maneuvering control.