AutoNet2030 @ the Smart Vehicle Workshop 2016 – Demonstrating the AutoNet2030 test environment for cooperative automated driving

A demonstration of the AutoNet2030 system was given by Dr. Andreas Festag (Technical University Dresden) during Smart Vehicle Workshop 2016, collocated with WoWMoM’2016 in Coimbra, Portugal on June 21st, 2016. The workshop was co-organized by the AutoNet2030 partner Technical University Dresden.

During the workshop’s demonstration session, the poster “Vehicle-2-X Communication to Enable Autonomous Driving Systems and two test environments for V2X project developed in the AutoNet2030 project were presented.

The first setup showcased a bi-directionally-coupled vehicle and network simulation framework that combines the robot simulator Webots and the network simulator ns-3. The coupled simulation environment, jointly developed by the AutoNet2030 project partners TU Dresden and EPFL, allows the simultaneous execution of both simulators and is used to study the impact of V2X communication on the maneuvering performance of cooperative automated driving systems.

The other setup demonstrated the communication system developed by the AutoNet2030 project. The project extended the standardized protocols for vehicular communication for automated driving functions. The protocol extensions, specifically for convoy driving developed by TU Dresden, were shown in a realistic test environment using real world traces. The demonstration also highlighted the protocol stack of AutoNet2030 partner Hitachi and used Cohda’s MK5 vehicle on-board units as well as Vector’s test tool CANoe.Car2X for visualization.

The workshop facilitated a great information exchange among the 30 international workshop participants from industry and academia. Pictures of the workshop are available here.