AutoNet2030 @ the AdaptIVe Technical Workshop – fostering collaboration with related ongoing projects

The AutoNet2030 project activities were presented by Laurens Hobert (HITACHI Europe) during the AdaptIVe Technical Workshop on driving automation, in Athens, Greece on April 21st and 22nd, 2016.

During his presentation entitled: “AutoNet2030 – Towards the improvement of V2X standards for automated driving” Mr. Hobert provided an overview of the AutoNet2030 project activities and expected findings, focusing on V2X communications. More specifically, work on advancing current V2X technologies, relevant standardization activities and AutoNet2030 use cases (where a new message type per use case is proposed) were discussed. He was also noted that connectivity is not intended to replace existing sensors, but to complement existing sensor fusion approaches.

The AdaptIVe Technical Workshop that followed the tradition of previous projects focusing on technical developments and challenges, evaluation and validation as well as legal aspects was attended by approximately 100 experts from industry and research communities.